Bride Makeup-120 (product supply, lashes, airbrush,lip product, and travel)

Bride Hair- 120 (product supply, touch up hair spray, touch up bobby pins, and travel)

Bride Makeup trial - 75 (product supply, lashes, airbrush, and travel)

Bride hair trial run- 75 (product supply and travel)


Bridesmaids Makeup-80 (product supply, lashes, airbrush, touch up lip product, and travel)

Bridesmaids Hair- 80 (product supply, touch up bobby pins, and travel)

A La Carte

Event lashes only- 30

Airbrush foundation only- 45

Lip gloss- 20

Lip stick- 20

Hair spray- 20

Bridal Hair clips/combs- 35

Bridal Veils- 125